Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use preservatives?

We do not add preservatives to our truffles; therefore, our truffles have a short shelf life and will expire. Please consume your truffles by the expiration date listed on the bottom of the box.

Do you always stock every flavor?

Our truffles are handmade in small batches to ensure the freshest product and highest quality and consistency. Due to this boutique, fresh and local nature, not all truffle flavors are available every day.

What happens to my order if a specific truffle flavor is out of stock?

We make our best effort to fill every order as specified. When a specific truffle flavor is not available, we will substitute a comparable flavor.

Do your truffles contain nuts?

Our truffles are not made in a nut or dairy free facility, please specify if you would not like your assortment to include nuts.

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