Meet Elle

Even Elle would describe herself as an artist more than a baker or entrepreneur. As an artist, she always strives to bring the highest quality to everything she does. Elle first started making truffles as a gift for clients of her other business, Lavare Spa. When they kept asking for more of her delicious treats, the patisserie was born. Elle remains the creative force behind the shop’s unique and exciting menu and mouth-watering truffles and treats.

Meet Jon

-Pastry Chef-

In 2011, Elle’s husband, Jon, began helping her at the shop part-time, making the pastries. At that time, no one was making macarons in Springfield. Jon experimented with recipes for the French delicacy for a year until he perfected them. He manages all the operations and staff and also bakes the pastries and macarons! Elle considers him the King of Macarons!

Meet Oliver

-Master Taster-

Oliver is also known as “The Baguette Boy.” He’s developed his sophisticated  tasting palate by traveling the world, searching for the world’s best french fries, baguettes, and chocolate! He makes $100 an hour washing the pastry case.

Meet Katherine

One of the newest members on the “Truffle Team,” is Katherine. She is drawn to the patisserie with her childlike curiosity and creativity. She firmly believes that ice cream can be enjoyed any time of day. Katherine is a full-time student at Missouri State University, where she is a senior studying professional writing and creative writing. With her dedication to practicing excellence in all situations, she’s devoted to making every trip to our patisserie a pleasant one.